Why We Care About This Coalition

Healthy landscapes, such as forests, and seascapes can account for one-third of the reduction in global carbon emissions that the world needs by 2030. That is why conservation, environmental and sustainable business organizations started a global coalition called Nature4Climate in 2017. Its members are on a mission to ensure that natural climate solutions — such as planting trees in cities and sustainably managing forests — are prioritized in policies and investments by the public and private sectors. Nature4Climate also provides compelling and informative communications that push natural climate solutions to the forefront of the global climate conversation.

The United States is home to the first national chapter of the coalition, in part because of the potential influence decision-makers in the country have over the use of natural resources in the U.S. and overseas. American Forests is one of 10 entities leading the chapter. The initial focus of the chapter is building a movement of people who support federal policies that incorporate natural climate solutions.