Why We Care About This Coalition

Creating healthy and resilient forests is an all-hands-on-deck activity. There is a role in it for everybody — from individuals and local nonprofit organizations to federal government agencies and multi-national corporations. The 1t.org US Chapter makes it easier than ever before for people to get involved. The chapter is made up of people who are increasing the number of trees on the planet and preventing the loss of trees that are already in the ground. The global goal is a net addition of 1 trillion trees conserved, restored or grown by 2030. This goal is based on several bodies of research — most notably research led by ETH Zurich/Crowther Lab.

The chapter is led by American Forests and the World Economic Forum, both of which help entities create pledges and provide the tools and technical assistance to implement the pledges at the scale and speed necessary to meet the global goal. American Forests also has made two pledges to the chapter, one related to urban trees and one related to large forest landscapes.