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Our Foundation Partners
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Friends in Philanthropy
Foundations, large and small, are integral to the success of American Forests. Their financial support helps us achieve our mutual goals. And their strategic thinking helps shape our work so we can operate at the scale and speed needed to create healthy and resilient forests across America.
Bella Vista Foundation Logo
Bella Vista Foundation

The Bella Vista Foundation has provided support for critical capacity gaps and expertise that together facilitate continued watershed restoration and climate-smart reforestation in the El Dorado National Forest and American River Watershed.

The Brunckhorst Foundation

The Brunckhorst Foundation provides general support for American Forests’ work across all projects.

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Logo
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan is providing support for an outcomes-based analysis of a reforestation program in Detroit to contribute to more equitable tree canopy, employment, health and environmental outcomes.

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Logo
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation is American Forests’ partner in building and growing a national Tree Equity campaign for expanding urban and community forest canopy that supports the health, climate resilience and environmental justice of communities across the country.

Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Foundation Logo
Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Foundation

The Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Foundation supports American Forests’ efforts to explore how urban reforestation in Detroit could improve water quality and quantity.

The Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation Logo
The Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation

Support from the Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation has helped American Forests restore thornforests in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, an ecosystem that is essential to a diverse group of plants and animals but is in danger of disappearing.

The J.M. Kaplan Fund Logo
The J.M. Kaplan Fund

With support from The J.M. Kaplan Fund, American Forests is focused on ensuring that U.S. Climate Alliance member states have the tools, capacity and leverage they need to reach their goals of natural and working lands solutions to climate change.

The JPB Foundation Logo
The JPB Foundation

In partnership with The JPB Foundation, American Forests is addressing widespread inequities by increasing employment opportunities for people in underserved communities and providing the urban forestry industry with a more diverse, skilled and job-ready labor pool to help fill the urban forestry labor shortage.

Latrobe Fund Logo
Latrobe Fund

With support from the Latrobe Fund, American Forests is collaboratively restoring private land on the Camp Fire burn scar in northern California’s Butte County by planting climate-smart native hardwood seedlings. The Latrobe Fund is also supporting American Forests’ collection of white pine seeds in El Dorado County.

Linden Trust for Conservation Logo
Linden Trust for Conservation

Support from the Linden Trust for Conservation is helping realize the significant climate mitigation opportunity of America’s forests through policy development work on incentivizing, through the tax code, private forest owners to capture and store additional carbon on their land.

Patrick J. McGovern Foundation Logo
Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation is supporting the creation and optimization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to estimate tree canopy in every urbanized area in the U.S. and to reconfigure American Forests’ custom Tree Equity Score Analyzer tools for mass deployment in cities across the country.

The Meadows Foundation Logo
The Meadows Foundation

Support from The Meadows Foundation is helping American Forests restore thornscrub forests in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas through increased program staff capacity to lead coordination, science-based planning, public policy, on-the-ground restoration and communication and volunteer engagement efforts.

Mighty Arrow Foundation Logo
Mighty Arrow Foundation

The Mighty Arrow Family Foundation is providing general operating support to American Forests, with funds directed toward climate efforts in California and the Intermountain West.

The Paul and June Rossetti Foundation Logo
The Paul and June Rossetti Foundation

The Paul and June Rossetti Foundation supports American Forests’ work identifying challenges to large-scale reforestation and the strategies for overcoming those hurdles. For instance, the foundation helped fund a comprehensive study of barriers facing the nation’s tree nurseries and a solutions guide for policy makers.

The Sant Foundation Logo
The Sant Foundation

The Sant Foundation supports American Forests’ work advancing natural climate solutions through forest policy as well as advancing a program of education to encourage rapid progress in policy work at the federal and state levels.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative Logo
Sustainable Forestry Initiative

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative partners with American Forests in multiple ways around the importance of forests in addressing sustainability challenges such as climate change. Among the collaborative projects, the organizations have worked together to build understanding of improving carbon in forest soils to mitigate climate change, and to develop an urban forestry standard that will ensure and validate sustainable practices.

Raul Tijerina Jr. Foundation Logo
Raul Tijerina Jr. Foundation

The Raul Tijerina Jr. Foundation is supporting American Forests’ work to restore Texas thornscrub habitat and support community in the Rio Grande Valley.

The Trull Foundation Logo
The Trull Foundation

Support from the Trull Foundation is helping American Forests restore coastal Texas thornforest and wildlife habitat in the Rio Grande Valley.

Walton Family Foundation Logo
Walton Family Foundation

The Walton Family Foundation is supporting American Forests in growing philanthropic interest in reforestation on private lands through the 1t.org US Chapter.

Wildlife Conservation Society Logo
Wildlife Conservation Society

To meet the need for new planning and restoration approaches to adapt to climate change in the Rio Grande Valley, the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Climate Adaptation Fund supported the first demonstration project fully focused on climate-informed restoration of Texas thornscrub. The WCS Climate Adaptation Fund is supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Why Partner With American Forests
The Added Value to You
American Forests is the oldest national conservation organization in the United States. We have a nearly 150-year history of championing the creation of policies and programs that address the forest-related challenges of the day. This experience — combined with our innovative tools and scientific research — helps others who aspire to creating a world where all people benefit from forests for generations to come.
Our Ideal Partner
We partner with foundations that understand the critical role of forests in slowing climate change and advancing social equity, as well as protecting water supplies and wildlife habitat. Our foundation partners also share our core values, which include advancing the interests of all people, embracing all perspectives, prioritizing work not by popularity but what is needed most, and empowering people to take action.
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